36: School and Siblings

We’re back after nearly 6 months away from the mic! From now on we’ll be joined by Jenna AND her 4-year-old brother J! We’re talking about school (both VPK and 2nd Grade stuff) and how brothers and sisters can love each other even when they don’t always get along. Good stuff!

35: Math

Jenna answers a listener email about how to handle hard subjects in school. Email us your feedback! podcastkid@gmail.com

33: Easter and Annoying Girl

Jenna talks about Easter, Easter Eggs, interviews a listener from Japan and performs her new character, Annoying Girl! Help Jenna raise money for her favorite charity (BGMC) by sponsoring an episode of Podcast Kid and get a Free Podcast Kid Sticker!

32: The Tree Club

Jenna talks about peer pressure, books she’s read, movies she’s seen and what she’s been up to during spring break! Help Jenna raise money for her favorite charity (BGMC) by sponsoring an episode of Podcast Kid!

31: Christmas, Teeth and Books

We’re talking about stuff from all over the place this time! Christmas stuff. Stuff about losing teeth. A little talk about iCarly and a lot on what books Jenna’s been reading lately. Plus, meet Jenna’s weird alter-ego, Accent Girl! She’s a hoot! Why not call the Podcast Kid Line and hear your voice on the […]

30: Halloween and Thankgiving

Jenna and her brother J catch up on Halloween and talk about their plans for Thanksgiving. They also share what they’re thankful for. Why not call the Podcast Kid Line and hear your voice on the show? Call 209-5-NLCAST!

29: 1st Grade

Jenna talks about her experience in starting 1st Grade. We also chat about Junior Bible Quiz and Jenna’s success in BGMC thanks to your help!  

28: Missions

Jenna and her Dad talk turkey about the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge and how the Podcast Kid does her part to help kids all over the world.

27: About Dunder

Jenna is talking about her little brother, Dunder. What is it like having a little brother? What is best and worst about him? Why is it important to be a good example. PLUS, a special surprise podcast within a podcast by the little man himself! We also feature The Duck Song from YouTube. Email the […]