CHOP! 18: Bat Warthog Man


James, John and Ethan pour over a ton of Axe Cop news and review Axe Cop Episodes 75, 76, 77, 78 and Ask Axe Cop 48.

Mentioned Websites, Blogs, and Other Stuff:

  • Bad Guy Earth Cover Reveled (and spoiled)
  • Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth releases 3/2/11 for $3.50.
  • Special Early Release Event for those of you in Portland, OR on December 18th at Bridge City Comix.
  • Axe Cop was written up in Maxim (NSFW).
  • Axe Cop CHRISTMAS/CLOSE OUT SPECIAL on commissions/sketches. The Axe Cop art shop is closing on December 10th!
  • Real Cover of the first volume of Axe Cop coming out December 22nd.
  • Amazing art for Axe Cop Graphic Novel from Dustin Weaver.
  • Axe Cop was written up as one of Five Breakout Stars of 2010 by Ryan W. Mead
  • Axe Cop was also written up as a suggestion for children by Children’s Comics… though we wouldn’t suggest it to kids.
  • James’ guest Axe Cop comic was published on Axe Cop.
  • Axe Cop get’s a new Avatar on Facebook.
  • The 25th is the 1 year anniversary of Axe Cop.
  • We review Axe Cop Episode 75, Axe Cop Episode 76, Axe Cop Episode 77, Axe Cop Episode 78 and Ask Axe Cop 48.