CHOP! 20: The Power of Christmas


James, John and Ethan talk about Axe Cop:

  • Malachi says Christmas tastes like babies.
  • John gets his Axe Cop print framed.
  • Ethan got to see a fan-made Axe Cop film.
  • Ethan and Malichi argued over Axe Cop’s true birthday.
  • James and John got autographed Axe Cop comics from Dark Horse.
  • Sockarang print sold on Ebay. Ethan may do more.
  • Ethan is creating a massive print with every Axe Cop character from the first year.
  • Ethan wants your help filling in the missing characters on the official Character Page.
  • James wonders if there is an Axe Cop Wiki. Is there?
  • Bill Reed of Comic Book Resources names Axe Cop as the Comic of the Year.
  • Ethan is interviewed by The Daily Blam and Tim O’Shay.
  • Ethan and Malachi will be in LA at Meltdown Comics January 27th.
  • We review and riff The Axe Cop Christmas Special: “The Power of Christmas”
  • Ethan answers questions from listeners sent via twitter.

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