24: Jelly Bellys, Legos and Cash

I celebrated my 41st birthday with my wife and kids. Their gifts prove how well they know me!

This week we’re celebrating:

  • Holding my nine-year-old.
  • Fixing a hosting issue easily.
  • Recording NLCast EP 224 – Heaven Is Real
  • Got Jenn’s new (to us) car and paid cash.
  • Recorded Gospel of Kennison 40 – Growing Up In a Hyper Christian Environment
  • Celebrated my 41st birthday. Got great gifts.
  • My daughter made a pink and black striped Helmet of Salvation.
  • Set up a Plex home media server.
  • Listener Peter Yoo sends me a gift.
  • My wife is very supportive during my bad days.
  • My friend jewel brought me some “brown drank”