23: This Thing I Do

A listener’s wife writes in to report a major change in how her husband treats her struggle with depression after listening to the show. #MMDCast

This week we’re celebrating:

  • Being asked to be a Children’s Ministry Consultant.
  • Dodging the kid’s last swim event and fixing my iPhone myself.
  • Finding a lost locking lug nut key.
  • Finishing up a painting project at the church, mowing the grass and recording a podcast (and why that’s a huge deal).
  • Driving to Helen, Georgia to visit with my sister and her family, a trip that seemed impossible at first.
  • An amazing email from a listener’s wife about how the show has affected their relationship.
  • My nephew let me hold him.
  • Watching Guardians of the Galaxy in a metal building.
  • A fight that turned into a wonderful evening.
  • My wife let me sleep for part of the trip home.
  • My daughter shows some appreciation for how we’ve raised her.