22: Pastor Bird Finger

An ancient visiting Pastor gives the entire congregation the bird while telling a story of an old injury.

This week we’re celebrating:

  • Realizing how far I’ve come in my depression journey.
  • My son swimming without holding on to the side.
  • Enjoying building Legos with my boy.
  • An old Pastor flipping us all off in church.
  • Completing podcast art for the upcoming show Movie Beatdown
  • Painting an office, cleaning my office, recording a late and last minute podcast and getting the Grateful Kid podcast theme back from my friend Kevin.
  • Finding my misplaced idea notebook.

Listener MMD’s:

  • Hanna’s son has a tickle spot – via Facebook
  • Brian got his podcasting wife to say “outtro” – via Facebook
  • FayeJ finds a forgotten gift card with some cash one it – via Twitter
  • Yash (pronounced like “cash”) enjoys what he does for the animals in his care as he trains to be a Veterinarian.