21: My Family is Alive

My wife and kids were involved in a minor accident on the highway on Saturday. It could have been much worse than it was. Getting a call from my wife to meet her at the site instead of from a police officer to meet him at the hospital made my day.

This week we’re celebrating:

  • Recording Nobody’s Listening with Christian Suddreth.
  • Buying tickets to DragonCon!
  • I got up early and got some long overdue blood work done.
  • My wife’s birthday and picking out her gifts.
  • Fixing a small overdue project in the house.
  • My family was involved in an accident on the highway and came away unharmed.
  • Learning that you can whisper to an old man at church.
  • I rode seven miles on my bike.
  • I was able to work through an anxiety attack in time to do Nobody’s Listening with Christ Cowan of Pop Mockers.
  • I introduced my kids to Weird Al.

Listener MMD’s:

  • Hanna’s baby explodes in nearly every way possible on a roadtrip.
  • Paul enjoys our new podcast, Girl Meets World Podcast.