226: It Licks the Lanolin

Keith is two for two with his seeing-eye-dog stories. This week Mackie is licking lotion off people… no matter where it may be.


  •  James has a demon in his doorbell.
  • John finally sees Frozen.
  • Tony thinks James is an LBB for making him drop his sign.
  • Keith tells us about his guide-dog Macky’s love of lanolin.
  • Dr. Louie’s Mother-in-law pulls a Brian Regan.
  • David screws up his Spanish in Paraguay.
  • QuestionMark9 gets to experience a Russian sub.
  • Joe falls for a joy-buzzer gag in a pretty unconventional way.
  • Anonymous claims to have crawled backward into a pole.
  • Patrick gets a scab in the shape of New Zealand.


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