225: Fog Out That Cat

John has a devil cat sneak into his church peeing and pooping on everything. He shares the great lengths he went to in ridding his place of worship from the demonic feline.


  • John rids his church of a devil cat.
  • James embarrasses his 4th grade daughter for the first time.
  • Paulie’s wife farts out the Devil.
  • An unnamed listener confirms that Sleep-Puking is a thing that more than one person has done.
  • Marvel Geek jumps off a cliff into freezing water and can’t swim.
  • Keith, who is blind, jacks around with someone who thinks his dog is blind.
  • Katie’s husband misunderstands her breakfast order.
  • Jacob fixed his headset mic… and hated it.
  • Jonathan doesn’t hear a command due to in-ear-monitors and minor chaos ensues.
  • Mike Prince tells us of a conference where thousands of people pelted Michel W. Smith with plastic pearls.


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