224: Heaven Is For Real

James shares a long forgotten story of a time he faked his own death, and a trip to Heaven, to avoid an embarrassing medical procedure.

Show Recap:

John had a busy week. James pulled a surprisingly long and ill-placed thread from his shorts. John did a funeral and confirmed to everyone that he had never known anyone who’d gone to heaven. James finds a Christian tract in a Wendy’s bathroom and wonders how getting saved from such a thing would translate into a testimony. John’s son wants to date Nuns… like in Sound of Music.


  • Theme Show on September 9th! The theme? “Things I Believed When I Was A Kid”. Send in your stories!
  • NLCast Atlanta-area Meetup sometime between Aug 29th-Sept 1st. Email us if your interested in having dinner.

Listener Stories:

Veronica’s voicemail explains why ladies should never “Jungle Pee”. Janusz’s family believes that feet are the most important component in a healthy marriage. Audra is ready to sick Mississippi on us. Hanna’s voicemail ruins massages for us forever. Scott his us with two great stories: one about breakfast and the other about sleep-talking. Mike’s firecracker goes off unexpectedly in his voicemail and Derek ended up at the wrong funeral.