223: Mockingbird

John’s back from his two-week “vacation” at kid’s camp and an FCF adventure, and he’s ready to tell us how he really feels about it all.

Show Recap:

John loves and hates kid’s camp. Camp is just controlled chaos and he loves silence. He loved his FCF campout and is embarrassed about his FCF name, “Mockingbird”. James’ son may have been arrested. He needs a doorbell for his home office and shares a kid’s camp story of his own… where a kid pukes in his sleep.


  •  No show next week!
  • James and John are going to DragonCon! We’d like to meet-up with our listeners in the area for dinner or something. Email us for the details!

Listener Stories:

Audra tries to smuggle in some guns for nuns. Hannah enjoys a reflective bathroom floor. Des jumps into a mud pit at a friend’s command. Jarren fails his driving test. Ruben shaves his chin with a sidewalk. Ginger’s son pees on a weed and Logan gets bit by a worm.