222: Slow Blood

This week Chris Cowan from Pop Mockers podcast fills in for John, James’ blood is slow and Chris’s son licks his plate and the bottom of his sandals clean.

Show Recap:

We review Christ Cowan’s last 5 tweets. Talk about what a Bucket List is and isn’t. Tweeted messages the world can’t understand. Farting is good for your family. The Flat Dental floss debate of 2014. Chris brings a little Pop Mockers action to the show with a Facebook Police segment. Then we chat about what I hate about edupreneural podcasters. James has slow and annoying blood. Chris recounts the two times he’s given blood… the second way will blow your mind! James accidentally finds a plethora of women’s cycle apps. Chris has a friend who keeps a poop journal. James is forced to manically vacuum his car and Chris wants to give his children Annual Reviews instead of birthdays.


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Listener stories:

Keith tell us how he first learned about foot odor. Peter scares a new friend with the legend of the Australian Drop Bear… which is 100% real! Jess has a bad meal and wants his kids to “Slap your mom!” Eli’s family chases down a skunk and puts a ‘possum in a mailbox. Then Miriam nearly eats a hairy cheerioo from a doctor’s office floor on a dare from her 12-year-old son.

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