445: Damon Sumner

The hosts engage in lighthearted banter, share a funny real-life story about a social anxiety-induced mix-up, and introduce a new segment called “News Nuggets”. Comedian Damon Sumner is interviewed, discussing his comedy career, performing at Drybar, and his thoughts on a new rating system for comedy. The hosts also share and discuss listener stories, including one about creative parenting and another about an awkward date. The episode concludes with gratitude to supporters and an invitation for listeners to submit their own stories.


Bonus Audio Content for EP 445

Snake Video

  • Lighthearted banter and pun about observing a crime in an Apple store
  • Shoutout to a listener named Connor Greer for his birthday
  • A funny real-life story called “Anxiety Accident” shared by Mandy from Denver, Colorado
  • Announcement of ways for listeners to engage with the show, including subscribing to the YouTube channel and participating in the theme show “Fears and Tears”
  • Introduction of comedian Damon Sumner as a guest
  • Discussion about Damon’s experience performing at Drybar and the idea of a new rating system for comedy
  • Sharing and discussing listener stories, including “Pizza Parenting,” “Daunting Date,” and “Dance Dance”
  • Discussion about a cute dog named Gus and the winner of a $50 prize for a story called “Anxiety Accident”
  • Mention of Patreon supporters, one-time donations, and leaving reviews on iTunes
  • Mention of the show’s Discord server and an impromptu rhyme