220: The NLCast Baby Story

There is a baby who belongs to two listeners of Nobody’s Listening who wouldn’t even be married if not for this show! This is their story!

This week’s clean comedy stories:

James’ dog risks his life by lying on his laptop backpack. John had to deal with Yard Sale people. James was nearly eaten by a giant poodle. John tortures his home’s termites. Jenna hires herself out as a maid to her brother. John’s son tries paintball and it doesn’t end well. James fantasizes about shooting a bold nuisance raccoon.

Question of the Weak:

What is your least favorite word?

Excellent answers from M. Smeak, Chris Cowan, Zach, Barbara, Zane, Mark, Dave. Anthony. Elisabeth. Aaron. Daniel, Elizabeth, John, Clark, Zane, Daniel, Johnathan, Tom, Adrian, Jarren, Michael, James.

Listener Stories:

No listener stories this week due to the special interview. Tune in next week!

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