6: The Pot

David takes the storytelling wheel this time and shares a very traumatic but funny story of a time when decorating a treehouse became a deadly endeavor. We also read some emails, tell your stories and sing a recap song. Big surprise.

We’re also announcing a new segment called “You Ain’t Right” where David and I will each tell a very brief story. Then you email in and tell us which one “ain’t right”! I don’t think we’ll be doing any prizes… but we’ll say your name on the podcast and give you praise on the website. Be looking for it next week.

Thanks to all of you who have reviewed us on iTunes. The rest of you are not being thanked. Remember the Frapper Map and Forums!

Send us your stories! Call the Nobody’s Calling line! You like us? Prove it!


Show Notes

Weekly Update: David was on MySpace and got a message from his friend (Let’s call her “Lucy”). He responded to it, but it turned out to not be the person he thought it was.

James goes to Fazoli’s with his family and a friend. A group of fancy college girls talk loudly about going to Rome.

Featured Story: David, John, and Justin were throwing stuff into a tree. David also bought some cool rope and a pot. Injuries ensue, but Leeann came to the rescue.


  • Thanks to all of the people who left iTunes reviews, but James and David are disappointed.
  • Go to the Frappr map. There are new pins from Australia, Brazil, Canada, California, and more.
  • Go to the forums, don’t ignore ‘um.
  • The hosts are considering a segment called “You Ain’t Right,” consisting of James and David each telling a story, one of which is lying. The listeners get to guess which one is lying.

E & V-Mail:

  • Ryan thinks the podcast should put out an album.
  • Austin (“wiggles”) tells a story about windshield cleaner, a longboard, and a match.
  • Mark (“Gsmith”) from Ohio talks about posting on the forums.
  • Nathan loves the podcast and apologizes for sounding like Marty McFly’s dad.

Recap Song:

At least 7 people think the podcast is pretty cool. Please put 5 stars, not 2. David finally had a weekly update. Don’t ever assume a woman in pregnant. David stole a pot out of the kitchen. Gsmith totally owned the forums. Nathan should get antibiotics. Wiggles should find some non-pyromaniac friends.

Memorable Moments:

  • Myspace, “the trailer park of the internet”
  • The first reference to “Lucy” occurs in this episode.
  • “Jonathan, get some leaves!”
  • “You can’t afford an iPod? What’s the deal?”