7: Monkey Man

What does Wal-Mart, a wallet, a stationary bike, a summer camp and Mr. Tumness from Narnia have in common? This podcast. Enjoy James telling the story of a story he tells each year at kids camp.

Big thanks to those who have left us iTunes feedback. Super Big thanks to the “Lucy Sisters” for their great song, “Stole All My Money (and my heart)”.

And Gratz to us! In iTunes Store, click Podcasts, then Comedy… then (wait for it) click once on the right arrow under the “New and Notable” box at the top, in last place, all the way to the right, you’ll see lil ol US! Also just noticed that they added us to the 5th page of Featured Comedy Podcasts (last on the list)! Very cool!

Remember to email in your guess for our new segment “You Ain’t Right” to nobodyslisteningtous@gmail.com with “You Ain’t Right” in the subject line. We’ll reveal the answer and list the names of those who called it right on the next show. Good luck!

Show Notes

Weekly Update:

  • David had a job interview.
  • James thought he forgot his wallet when he went to Walmart because he was hyped up on DayQuil. He also tried a spinning class, quit, and called David.

Featured Story: James told a story at church camp about Monkey Island. He retells that story for the listeners today.

News: The new segment “You Ain’t Right” will debut in this episode.

E & V-Mail:

  • Leah nearly shot soda out of her nose while listening to the podcast. She also told a story about giving high fives.
  • Noelle’s (sp?) brother thinks she’s on drugs because she burst out laughing while listening to the podcast.
  • Paul emailed in a story about a homeless guy who wanted some cash.
  • The “Lucy Sisters” sing a fantastic story in song format about going to the movies and stealing money.

You Ain’t Right: This segment is a ‘game’ where each of the hosts tells a story, but one of them is lying. The listeners email in to guess which story they think is a lie.

  • David tells a story about how he died for five minutes when he was a young child.
  • James tells a story about when he worked at Wendy’s. one of the other employees keeled over; James picked her up to help her, but she died in his arms.

Recap Song: We’ll try to keep it funny before we go. The Monkey Man attacked the kids today. How come nobody wants to go to camp anymore? James went to Walmart twice. He went to a spinning class. It’s a terrible thing to be so out of shape. There ain’t nothing funny about this recap song today.

Memorable Moments:

  • “Just go and lift a bulldozer with your legs.”
  • “We’re not really that funny; we just know how to spin it.”
  • “You can’t force creativity. You can’t force GENIUS.”