86: Chrome Toilet Brush

James has a problem with chrome toilet brushes. Trevor speaks to his daughter through a mysterious stuffed animal named “Shadow”… plus your email and voicemails!

No live show this time due to last week’s technical issues. Make sure to welcome our new co-host, Trevor by visiting the forums!

[00:18]Opening Song
[00:24] Intro (Co-Host Trevor)
[01:33] Opening story (Looking for a lawyer/paddle lock)(sword Toilet Brush)
[06:18] Sponsors
[08:31] James’s Weekly Update (New Computer/Played Halo, James kidnaps his daughter at
[16:27] Trevor’s Weekly Update (Shadow the talking Dog)
[21:52] LBB (You don’t want mommy to pay to get on the train)
[25:49] News(Trevor is new Co-Host)
[28:17] Middle School Drama (Mouse in a shoe/Remote downloaded NLCast/Pillsbury Representative
[35:11] Break
[26:10] Voicemails/Emails
[49:47] Closing Notes
[51:00]Closing song
[51:21] Closing Voicemail

Notes: At the Pearly Gates with a Toilet Brush, Sewer Computer, I Don’t Belong to You,
Shadow want to talk to you daddy, Shadow tells me to burn things, Screams
Sunburn people, Don’t be miss treating the doughboy, Laugh the Pee Out Of a
Pregnant lady, Finger up Poo’s Nose, Gerbils Regrow tails, Don’t let your dog
make friends with a skunk, I Can feel the Fish Going to My Hair,

Created by: Megan Sheridan