87: The White Wolf

Black Friday shopping, Risk playing, horse tripping, deaf jogger talking goodness. Plus your email and voicemails!

[00:28] Opening Song
[00:35] Intro (Host Trevor)
[01:52] Opening Story (Hoarse Fell On Me)
[05:32] Sponsors
[07:27] James’s Weekly Update (Black Friday)
[11:32] Trevor’s Weekly Update (Risk Men in the Mouth)
[14:50] LBB (Boss Takes All of the Peanut Butter M&M)(White Wolf)
[19:36] News
[21:19] Middle School Drama
[23:24] Voicemails/Emails
[32:32] Closing Notes
[35:33] Ending Song
[36:01] Ending Voicemails

Notes: Just Call Me Lucy, Drunk Aunt Shirley Walks Into the Door. Deaf Husky Owner, I Miss
the Lemon Chicken the Most, Are You Really 15, Wow You look 40, Going to Push
my sister but I fell, WWOWKD, JoJo Clarifications,

Created by: Megan Sheridan