88: The Ink Drink

This week it’s genius 3 year olds, Haitian dares, angry ticket tearers, library beggars, sneezing hairdressers and more!

[00:10] Intro Song
[00:20] Welcome (Co-Host Trevor)
[00:56] Opening Story (Hit Myself with a Bat)
[06:34] Sponsors
[08:56] James’s Weekly Update (Jenna Gets stuck In the Card Seat)
[12:30] Trevor’s Weekly Update (Trevor’s Daughter Makes a DS)
[17:29] LBB (Stupid Christian, Theater Tickets)
[26:59] News
[29:44] Middle School Drama (Phone lost in the Mall, Drinking ink
[34:35] Voicemail/Emails
[52:45] Closing

Notes: Heard The Cling In My Head, Watch Them For a Concussion, So How is Your Day, Blood Caked on The Floor, They are coming to pray for you, Go to the PP room Before you get your hair cut, If she was dead they would of told us, Map Quest Gas Station, A high 5 will do, Shock Treatment, The Wind is Rocking the Car, Hygiene Napkins to Serve Food, Please Leave a 5 Star Review For me, Uncle Bob we call him splinter, She was allergic to you and you made her sick,

Created By: Megan Sheridan