89: She-Mullet

Fan sung theme songs, stupid sledding, Canadian culture, “Hannaka”, she-mullets, dirty gum, spit soda and more!

[00:12] intro Song
[00:42] Opening
[01:15] Opening Story (It like Peeing Once you start you cant stop)
[03:12] Sponsor’s
[05:44] James Weekly Update (First Sled Ride, Buy Trevor Halo)
[12:57] Trevor’s Weekly Update (lights off in the Restroom, Santa’s Gift)
[20:42] LBB
[27:09] News
[30:10] Middle School Drama
[36:11] Voicemail/Email
[59:16] Closing

Notes: Do yall celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, Colds are called Wimps, The booger man is taking the brown to the Superbowl, Tims’s Bits. Stole an ornament from a 10-year-old, Spit to the face, No child left behind, Call the hospital first and then start praying, Crayon French Fries, What do you call a woman’s mullet. How are you doing?, Hey there is a sale on panties…oh panties are for girls, 1000s of Maggots in the meat, Dance for me monkey dance, Dance around Lulu,

Created By: Megan Sheridan