90: The Christmas Surprise

James tells a story of a Christmas surprise gone wrong. Plus peeing truckers, blond guitar heroes, bathroom praying, drug busts and more.

Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas!

[00:30] Intro Music
[00:38] Opening
[01:58] Opening Story (Trouble in the Restroom)
[04:20] Sponsor’s
[05:54] James’s Weekly Update (James’s Preaches Sick, James is ready
[09:56] Trevor’s Weekly Update ( James stood up Trevor on Halo)
[15:30] LLB (Gift Exchange lady)
[19:48] News
[22:43] Middle School Drama (Guitar Hero – Red Button Knocked off)
[26:29] Featured Story (Making a Surprise Apron)
[35:07] Voicemail and Emails (Rachel – Guy Pees in a cup, Paige – Cell Phone Shouting Curse words, SIG Lone Ranger – Lawn Service Call, Ben Nun – Guy hogs up demo game, SOG Fruben – 3 Inch long pin in baby’s foot, Where are the drugs, Do you have an arm,
[1:00:59] Closing

Notes: Blowing thought a broken horn, Pink Stuff, Princess Trevor, Trevor saved himself for James, Trevor “ There is something about searing in front of a preacher that kills a little of your soul, 500 Square Foot Lawn, The bathroom is not a conference room

Created By: Megan Sheridan