91: Tough Shed

It’s the last show of 2008 and we’ve got Christmas presents, box stores, old ladies and automatic doors, punching preschoolers, in-game marriage, life in a canyon, sketch books and more!

[00:17] Into Music
[00:07] Intro (Last Podcast of 2008)
[01:15] Opening Story (House gets tented – Julian)
[05:22] Sponsors
[06:26] Trevor’s Weekly Update (Door Snob – Lady walks away from door because they didn’t atomically open, Trevor gets a game control drum set)
[13:11] James’s Weekly Update (Men do not wipe when using the restroom, Paige (awsome22) Oh My God Communion, James’s Christmas Service -Tough Sh**
[21:44] LBB (It’s a Canyon – History Kid)
[29:50] Middle School Drama (Goat 2 in 1 Deal – Audra)
[31:40] Really Short Break
[31:41] Featured Story (Bookworm Emily Requested Nicks dad punches a pastor’s kid.)
[38:41] Voicemails and Emails (Adding R’s to Words, Spencer – Dying of Exhaustion, Skip – This is not art, James get married in a video game)

Notes: The Aliens have Landed, Why Didn’t you Wipe? I think he said tough Shed It’s a Canyon, Scrooges Wife, God Bless You in that context is like give you the middle finger, I have 4 Goats, He touched me on the forehead. I just wanted a sword and you took it the wrong way.

Created by: Megan Sheridan